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Facts About Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment, meant to move teeth and/or bones that support the teeth, is carried out with various appliances, commonly called colloquially as braces. On most occasions It is teeth that are subjected to pressures with braces. Occasionally, the very bones that support teeth may need to be moved too.
Teeth have a large variation in Sin and Shape. They are held within the supporting bone by roots which vary in Number, Length and Width. The quality and amount of the supporting bone that surrounds the root also differs. Similarly, the type and magnitude of movement needed to make teeth assume normal positions may show a variation too.
Successful outcome asks the following of a patient right through the course of treatment

  • Regularity of recall visits to permit periodic adjustments in forces delivered.
  • Proper tooth brushing throughout the treatment to maintain tissues around the teeth healthy.
  • Restrictive diet to ensure against deformation/breakage of the appliance or its parts

Teeth move well when the tissues that surround them are healthy. This makes maintaining proper oral hygiene throughout treatment quite mandatory.
The braces arc carefully designed to move teeth with comfort for the patients. Hence, the pressure delivered by the braces needs to be controlled very well. Sophisticated wires, auxiliaries and springs permit to do so.These are attached to brackets/tubes that are either glued to teeth directly or welded to stainless steel bands cemented on teeth. The glue/cement with which such attachments are bonded to teeth (and the wiresused)has a limitation in strength. These delicate attachments and wires need to be continually maintained on tech in a pre-planned manner to ensure the predictability in force delivery that is critical to overall success of treatment in a pre-planned and time bound fashion.Thus, patients need to abide by the restrictions in diet to ensure a successful outcome.
Hard, tacky, fibrous, tough and large sized morsels of food are to be avoided throughout the treatment. Breakages may needlessly increase the treatment col as well. Hence, it is important for patients and parents to understand and abide by the directives mentioned hereunder Doubtful food items are be clarified with the orthodontist before consuming the same.

Sr. No. Name of the Food Item Not-to-be-eaten-form Permitted-to-be-eaten-form
1. Chocolates,Toffees (Alpenliebe);Mints(Polo);Candy Bars (Perk, Chikky); Chewing Gum: Bubble Gum, etc Strictly avoid at all costs as they are Hard and will create loose brackets and/or deformed or broken wires. Chocolates in he form of Cakes & Pastries , Mouse, Souffleetc, Hershey’s chocolate sauce are OK to eat, Proper brushing of teeth must follow inumediately.
2. Toasted Bread : Off the “Tava” or Toasteras in he form of a club / Grilles / Toasted sandwich, etc. Strictly to be avoided at all costs. Too hard for brackets and wires Plain bread sandwiches OK when eaten in smaller monels of about 1 * 1 square peces and eaten with the back teeth
3. Sweets in a hard form: Laddo, til-gul; Sakhar Phutane, Shankarpale, Namkeen in ahard form Chakali, Murukoos; Bakarwadi; Hard Shev-gaathin Corners of Punjabi Samosas; Sev-Puri Strictly not to be eaten Only very soft type of Laddoos(basen-laddoos, soft type of bundi-laddoos) in very small bites can eaten form the molar teeth
pani puri are OK
Khakhara, papad are fine too.
Pav bhaji is OK to eat in small bites .
4. Popcorn Stictly “NO” in theatres, The Un-popped hard block-heads will severely damage the brackets & wires At home, microwaved plain popcorn of which the blackhead, un-popped kernels are weeded out carefully can be eaten “NO”caramel Pop corn
5. Meat/Non -vegetarian Food Not to be directly bitten into, “NO” tandoori Chicken, Mutton Chops, Chicken Lollypop, Spare-ribs, etc., that have flesh-on-bones. Bonless meat items, in small morsels (10 num * 10 num) are OK to eat meat. Fish , Prawns are OK too
6. Bread “NO” in a Toasted form: off the “Tava”or the toaster; as in club sandwich or Grilled Sandwich form also. Plain bread sandwiches OK in small bites of 1 * 1 size. To be eaten form the back molar teeth Not bite into with fornt teeth
7. Indian Bread Not-hard types can be had in smal morsels of 10 mm * 10 mm sized pieces Chapatis, Phulkas Naan are fine. Tandoori Rotis, Parathas, Kulchas be hand in smaller bites with molars
8. Pizza Nachos/Tacos “NO” to thin-curst-pizzas, Not to ‘bite’ into pizzas Soft pizza in 1 * 1 sized bites OK to eat with the bak molars when not very tough
9. Burgers Not to eat Burgers in 2-3 bites Make at least 16 small pieces. eat every boneless piece from the back molars slowly
10. Frankie, Wraps Not to eat it in large bites with front teeth Eat in small, non-tough, boneless morsels by using molars
11. Submarinesandwiches Not to eat it in large bites with front teeth Eat in small, non-tough, boneless morsels by using molars
12. Chips Not to eat Banana/topiaca chips, “No”Kurkure Potato Chips, Wedges, etc. are OK to eat
13. Ice Cream Not to eat it in the form of Ice Candy (candy-on-stick); Duet, Cupple : Cornetto Cone : Choco-Chips(with actual pieces of Chocolate); Butterscotch (with hard pieces of caramel), “No” Waffle cones. They are hard Soft ice creams like in softies (as sold in McDonald, etc, that is machine dispensed,) to eat. plain form of ice cream as in Carry-home packs without any floaters in them are OK Kulfi, should be softened before eating . Biscuit Cones are OK
14. Biscuits or Cookies or nankhatai “No” double layeres biscuits like cream-biscuits.
“No” Choco-chips (Chocolate pieces there in are hard) type biscuits
Pieces should be small one. 10mm *1. mm For example. To be eaten in small pieces from the molars, not to bite into with front teeth.
15. Corn-on-cob or Bhutta “No” in Wholesome form: be it roasted or steamed. Don’t nibble away with incisors Permissible to eat it in the Steames corn form in multiplexes
16. Fruits “No” biting into fruits directly. Bananas can be bitten into with front teeth. Pieces of fruit should be small ones, 7mm * 7 mm. To be eaten in small pieces from the molars, Not to bite into with front teeth.
17. Nuts “No” biting into a wholesome form Almonds, Pista, Cashews, Channas, groundnuts, Khara Seng should be made into 2-3 pieces before eating with molars
18. Ice cubes “No” crunching into them
19. Carrots, Radish, Cucumber and such like salad items “No” biting into directly. Make small pieces (5 mm * 5 mm) cubes, as would be for incorporating in Russian Salad eat eith molars, not to bite into with front teeth
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